It sure is! Local Democrat speaks out: Democratic Party Is Out Of Touch With Voters!

Democratic Party Is Out Of Touch With Voters

Letters To The Editor

May 6, 2017 To The Reader’s Forum:

It’s hard to believe but the Democrats are trying to reduce their membership base. If you don’t believe me, believe Tom Perez, the new party chair. He told pro-lifers they are no longer welcome in his party. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.” His remark has sparked nationwide debate among anti-abortion members of his party.

I say ‘his’ party, because that is not my party, the party of inclusiveness and diversity that I’ve found a home in. The democratic party has never been an exclusive clique.

One would think the Party that lost both the executive and legislative branches of government and is poised to lose the judicial branch, would want to broaden its base, not narrow it. In addition, the number of elected Democrats in Congress and in statehouses across the country are at the lowest level since the 1930s. A recent Washington Post / ABC poll that found 67% of Americans feel the Democratic Party is out of touch with voters.

Putting a litmus test that requires loyalty to abortion rights extremists has proven political suicide. Under Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Party’s platform supported repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which would require tax payers to fund abortion on demand. Perez’s exclusionary tactic I believe has more to do with exorbitant campaign contributions candidates and the DNC have received, and hope to continue to receive, from abortion rights groups. According to Open, Democrats received 30 million from Planned Parenthood alone leading up to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

These country club democratic leaders who are apologists for abortion are elitist and classist. They are abandoning low income women, the very people they purport to advocate for. As a Free Methodist pastor in rural New York, I am proud of the role my church played in the abolition of slavery. I want to belong to the party of the underdog, the poor, the vulnerable. And there’s no one more helpless than an unborn human being. To me, that seems like a real Democrat.

The Party leadership has abandoned itself. If they want to become a new party called The Abortion Party, they can do that. But we real democrats will not be bullied. We aren’t going anywhere.

Matt Wittenbrook, South Dayton


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