Dear Mr Cuomo: No Greater Untruth!


A publication of Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots

November 2014, No. 33

Box 244, Jamestown, NY 14701 sotierteapatriots www.sttpp1776/

No Greater Untruth!

“We are one state,” you shouted. Really?! Take a look at the seaof red on the map below. Your words are refuted—SOUNDLY!

Yes, you won the election, but it was no mandate. You won in liberal urban areas. You lost handily with hard-working, more conservative upstate people. Why, you even lost most of Long Island.

Those red New York counties are part of a national mandate, voters rejecting the progressive, liberal agenda inflicted on Americans by President Obama and Democrats. If you truly want to see a unified state, then you must listen to more than just your liberal urban base.

“We’re going to do more great things. We’re going to take this state even higher,” you proclaimed. Get real, Governor, there’s only one direction in which to go when your state ranks 50th for taxes and regulations.

“We will not stop until our education system is the best in the nation because our children don’t deserve second best,” you exclaimed. Well, listen up, Governor, because second best is what we have with the illegal Common Core!!! Your job is state governor. Responsible for state education. Why abjure your legal authority to the Federal government acting illegally—especially when you know there is such resistance to Common Core across New York? You want a unified New York? Then start here: REPEAL COMMON CORE. Read the map, Governor.

DREAM Act?! Didn’t you hear that tsunami national alarm from voters? Americans want our borders closed and our laws regarding illegal immigration enforced! True for New York voters as well.

And, PLEASE, address our high, and growing, welfare rolls. Get these people to work! Then reduce all those mandates to our counties. We are sick of high taxes so that those on welfare can live off the rest of us. Of course, that means creating a better economic climate for all, not just ten-year tax-free zones for a few. It also means not raising the minimum wage because that’s an economy buster.

For a unified New York, Governor, focus your attention on these:

n Lower taxes: NY is #50

n Repeal Common Core

n Reduce Welfare Rolls and Benefits

n No DREAM Act

n Less Government

n Repeal SAFE Act: you violated our 2nd Amendment

n Reduce mandates: they strangle counties

n No Minimum Wage increase: economy buster


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